Dune 30th Anniversary

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    Of all the ways that this magnificent disaster got tripped up, I think the worst was the soundtrack by Toto.

    dun dunDUN dun
    dun dunDUN dun
    dun dunDUN dun
    dun dundun DUN


    Yeah, but they nailed the visuals.
    Best looking magnificent disaster.


    Apart from some truly crap FX.


    True…but the sets, costumes…and even the casting was perfect.
    Lynch’s script and direction….not so much.


    Yeah, the sets & costumes were top notch (any Oscar noms?) and I agree that the casting was great if not wholly faithful to the book (slavish devotion to source material is not something I’m big on anyways.) I found the hot & cold FX personally jarring: great stuff with the shields & weirding modules (not in the book at all, but a smart visual hook to facilitate the Atreides/Harkonnen/Corrino conflict,) and about 50/50 with the sandworms. Most spaceship/aircraft stuff was lame, and they’d clearly run out of money by the time they got around to doing the ornithopter. I’ll… Read more »


    I’d forgotten about the shields.
    That effect was a good one.


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