Chibi Civil War

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    This is babies Avengers vs X-men. Still cute.


    Got everyone except the redhead to the left of Nightcrawler’s hand, the guy in blue and red to the left of hulk, and Thor’s orange faced compatriot.


    That’s Beta Ray Bill next to Thor and that red head looks like Jean aka Phoenix and the blue and red looks like Captain Marvel but I thought she was a girl or did Marvel change the character again?


    I don’t remember Jean Grey wearing orange, but then again I haven’t collected since the mid nineties.

    I believe that Marvel only has a female captain marvel, but I’m not 100%.

    What about the stuffed animal Cyke is holding?


    The original Captain Marvel is the one from Fawcett comics who looks like Fred MacMurray (currently the DC character known as Shazam). The Marvel version of Captain Marvel was originally an alien guy who gave Ms. Marvel her powers. That was a character absolutely no one liked but Marvel kept it around for copyright reasons to prevent DC (who bought Fawcett and the original Captain Marvel) from using the name “Captain Marvel” on the title of a comic.

    A few years ago, Marvel got tired of having to bring back that sorry mess of a character every few years just for the copyright, so they decided to simply change Ms. Marvel’s name for the fourth time (she’s been, Mr. Marvel, Warbird, Binary, Ms. Marvel again, and now Captain Marvel) so she would be in charge of keeping the copyright alive. So now we have that sorry mess of a character replacing the even sorrier mess of a character just to ensure that the real Captain Marvel cannot use his name ever again.

    tiki god

    there’s two Marvels under the Marvel comics copyright now, Ms Marvel, a teen, and Captain Marvel, an adult woman from the military.


    The red head to the left of Nightcrawlers hand’s name is Hisako Ichiki, code named “ARMOR”. The guy next to the Hulk is indeed Captain Mar-Vell. Yup, that’s Beta-Ray Bill next to Thor.
    I know who everyone is, what I want to know is why Dazzler (next to Banshee) is singing. I know she was a singer who can convert sound into light, by why isn’t she doing that, especially standing next to Banshee!

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