Texting and Walking

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this was a perfect darwin moment, why did you save him!?

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    Why did he save him? Because of the camera.


    “why did you save him!?”

    Because the guy who saved him was the guy in charge of cleaning up the guts and blood that’d be spilled if the idiot had died.


    Yeah, the trio with letters on jackets, and reflective bits on pants, are probably some safety officers.


    Or filing the accident report. I can’t even imagine.


    and you would let someone die, because they made a mistake? very revealing tiki.


    [quote]…why did you save him!?[/quote]
    The: “Every life is sacred” brainwashing.


    Maybe they saved him so that they could look at themselves in the mirror without having to see an asshole who just stood there and watched while another human being was killed by a train.

    Just blue skying here.


    Yeah, like I wrote – brainwashing, or if you like it more diplomatically – socio-cultural conditioning (although in this case is simpler – it’s their job).
    Also, since I doubt you know much about that guy, and I’m sure you know nothing about what he will do in the future, that “moral high-ground”, could turn into a swamp.


    I wouldn’t do it to save him, I would do it to save me.

    ??????? ??????

    it was a really lucky day for the guy: security was near enough, the train was far enough to allow the security to jump down and save him (watch how that man first checked the distance to the train and then only jumped down), there was a space under the platform (I don’t know if it is everywhere and honestly I don’t want to check it) – but that’s a useful point of this gif for me. Darwin comment is good: of course noone wishes him death, but he’s a perfect idiot that met his perfect lucky coincidence that day.… Read more »