Attack on Titan SUCKS

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Heard a lot about this so I tried watching a couple episodes. OMFG what a stupid show. From the dumbass premise of naked man-eating giants (who of course have no genitals because then how could we sell it overseas?) to the emotastic cast of shriekers, teeth-gritters, and downers who rotate every ten minutes between 1. WE’RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE, 2. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING, 3. I CAN’T LET MY FAMILY/COMRADES/THAT HOT CHICK DOWN, 4. FLASHBACK TO HAPPIER TIMES AND/OR OVERWROUGHT EXPOSITION, 5. I SAW SOMEONE GET ET SO I’VE GIVEN UP ALL HOPE, 6 INTERCESSION BY RANDOM HARDASS TELLING ME TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER, 7 IMMA KILLIN MACHINE SUCK MY DIIIIIICK, 8.OMFG I’M BEING ET and so on and so forth with the occasional magic mcguffin thrown in to try and make it interesting even if it flies in the face of what little sense the plot manages to make in the fucking first place…somebody owes me the hour of my life I spent trying to pick up this turd by the clean end.

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    It took me awhile to get into it but I like it. I plan on going as a titan for Dragon Con next year. Okay, that just means I’ll be streaking through the Hyatt with junk tucked under.


    ITT: Why I quit watching anime altogether.

    the abridge version is better


    I tried so much to like this but it was complete shit. Exactly as posted, and I probably held out just as long.
    I hear Korra is good but can’t bring myself to try anime again. This titan shit left the taste of a skinless giant’s missing cock in my mouth.


    Korra has its moments, but that’s pretty much it. Better off going through the first one again. The whole titan thing is soo overhyped they’ll be releasing movies first before the 2nd anime season
    not to mention the Spiderman crossover they;re working on


    What’s definitely worth checking is some of the director’s other work (also known for death note)
    Black lagoon
    29 episodes total


    I would question the wisdom of judging a show with a decidedly slow pace in terms of plot development after only watching a few episodes. At any point, I’m following the manga, not the anime, and it’s pretty good. It gets considerably better after the first “OH GOD WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” arc.


    Its not the slow pace, it’s the immaturity of the characters. It’s all “boo hoo, but now I’m going to be the best pokemon player in the world!”


    Well, I watched 11 episodes and it still sucked. Those jet/belt/rope things are the stupidest weapons I can imagine for fighting giant man-eating monsters, and there is So. Much. Talking. I had to bail because my desk was flooded with drool every time I woke up after an episode.


    Opinion duly noted. Opinion duly discarded.

    Chet Manley

    What is it with fat girls and their love for this show?

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