Steampunk Clevage

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    tiki god


    either someone really likes this girl or there’s something broken in my images saving to posting system.


    Since you’re the author of 2/3 of those reposts, I think there’s something broken with your memory.
    And since you’re “here”, what’s wrong with my Eldar Bikini Chick ? The one that got rejected two times already ?

    tiki god

    the naked one?

    the 100% no doubt about it nsfw one?

    submit it to the NSFW side of the site, visible nipples are nsfw you dope.


    [quote]the naked one?[/quote]
    No, the scantily clad one. But you’re right, there are semi-visible nipples. Didn’t notice. My bad.
    Will remember the NSFW “definition” in the future.

    tiki god

    just remember that if there’s any visable nipples at all, even a HINT of a discolouration on a breast that MIGHT be a nipple, it will be the END OF THE WORLD [for the advertisers]

    sometimes I wish i could just set up a Patreon to cover the server bills, but I’m nearly 100% sure that it wouldn’t work out the way I’d want it to


    Did some “tweaking”. Please check it out: