The Amazing Spider-man 358

The Amazing Spider-man 358.jpg


90’s all up in your face, Night Thrasher and Moon Knight representin, with Dark Hawk kind floating out there doing nothing because he’s fucking worthless.

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    night thrasher was equally useless. what is that red piece of fabric do? and remember where his name came from. he was a skateboarder. yikes. thatll strike fear into mens hearts.

    tiki god

    I think I remember seeing the board in one comic, yeah. they dropped that pretty quickly though


    Night Thrasher was like a superhero from the Simpson’s universe.

    Dyon 86

    While skateboarding he fell on a thumbtack, he tied a red cloth around the wound to remind him of his pain and shame at being lame, now he prowls the streets looking to take vengeance against pointy office stationary and those who deal with this menace to society.
    Fav catchphrase; “I will flatten you”.


    I actually have this story line. It runs from issues #353-#358, and it is a continuation from a “Marc Spector Moon Knight” story line from issues #19-21.

    Because knowledge is power!!