liberal agenda


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    …as seen through the eyes of a deluded right-winger.

    Chet Manley

    Personally, I think it’s a far worse crime to kill a baby than to shoot a criminal intruder. Damn my rampant right-wing morality!


    I also think that it’s a far worse crime to kill a baby than to shoot a criminal intruder… though I fail to see how any of that relates to abortion.


    It’s very simple: getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy before it becomes a baby is the same as shooting a potential criminal, say Trayvon Martin, before they become a criminal. Did I say “same”? Sorry, meant to say worse. Much, much worse.

    Chet Manley

    Exactly. If you can just say a baby isn’t a baby yet so you can murder it, then you can do the same with someone like Trayvon Martin. Great point!


    Someone’s redefining ‘baby’, but it isn’t me.


    Still waiting for Obama to come take your guns, huh?


    Of course they are, after all FOX News has been promising that he would for 6 years and they are never wrong are they?
    Personally I wouldn’t watch a news network that used the defense in court that they didn’t have to be truthful when reporting the news. But that’s just me…