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    Another reason why you should do just the “law” part of marriage.


    A ceremony is legally required. I attended a wedding on the front lawn of City Hall, performed by a justice of the peace five minutes after the contract was signed.


    Like I’ve said before – not everyone lives in USA.


    Then the next scene opens with the best man and groom at the bar, both looking a bit sad.

    The best man hands the groom $5 for losing the bet. He didn’t think the groom would go through with the wedding just on a $5 bet.

    Then the best man gives the $5 back, because he didn’t think the best man would actually fake-tackle the bride into a shark tank, where she was eaten, for $5.

    Then Phil – who went missing halfway through the movie – bursts into the bar, and is wearing no pants. He yells “Come quickly! It’s happened again!” and the guys laugh and leave the bar with Phil, off to have their next adventure. Roll credits.

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