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    Another reason why you should do just the “law” part of marriage.


    A ceremony is legally required. I attended a wedding on the front lawn of City Hall, performed by a justice of the peace five minutes after the contract was signed.


    Like I’ve said before – not everyone lives in USA.


    Then the next scene opens with the best man and groom at the bar, both looking a bit sad. The best man hands the groom $5 for losing the bet. He didn’t think the groom would go through with the wedding just on a $5 bet. Then the best man gives the $5 back, because he didn’t think the best man would actually fake-tackle the bride into a shark tank, where she was eaten, for $5. Then Phil – who went missing halfway through the movie – bursts into the bar, and is wearing no pants. He yells “Come quickly!… Read more »