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it’s ganna suck balls


Darth Crossguard-Saber says Fuck your trees.


I suspect, the only good thing about this movie will be SFX.
Also, I would rather see Yuuzhan Vong stuff, than yet another Jedi vs Sith movie.


Well we don’t know if it’s ‘ganna suck balls’ because we haven’t seen it yet. And to paraphrase Sofia Vergara, “What’s wrong with sucking balls?”

Dyon 86

Trailer; Fucking WOW
Shoes; I like your style!


A couple of observations.
Is that Cumberbach’s voice over?
Like the updated Troopers…very close to the original, but a little sleeker.
Love the speeder bike at the end….notice that it took its design cues from Luke’s original speeder?

Nice that JJ’s design team aren’t straying too far from home here.

But roly poly droid does suck balls.


I believe it’s Andy Serkis doing the voice over.


Apparently it’s Andy Serkis, but he does sound very Cumberbatchy. I think the roly poly droid fits in with the original’s overall look, so I’m not too concerned by it.

tiki god


tiki god

shit’s broke, wtf


“…and trade negotiations.” Ha! Those are both great and Lego is the best, most democratic toy ever invented. I used to build Escher like impossible staircases, which naturally, kept falling over. Thank god I never became an architect.


Maybe she wanted a Millennium Falcon too. Just sayin’.



I recall being so obsessed with the original that I bought the Star Wars Special Edition Magazine. Within its pages was a wealth of information, not just on Star Wars, but film history itself. I learned about Fritz Lang and Metropolis and countless other inspirations. I handled it so much it fell to pieces and I had to sellotape it back together again. Eventually it just disintegrated. But it was my first introduction to film history. Thank you Star Wars Special Edition Magazine.


PS – My boyfriend is most unimpressed with the new look lightsaber, with its sword like handle. “That thing would be f***ing dangerous.” It’s meant to be dangerous dear,” I said soothingly, “It’s a lightsaber.”