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    I don’t think too many people (beyond a handful of radical feminists) have a huge problem with the shirt itself.

    Just that it was a little unprofessional to wear it when you are a scientist presenting a major space tech milestone to the entire planet.

    Just like it would be going shirtless, in speedos, or a “fuck you” Tshirt.

    He can wear whatever he likes drinking beer in his backyard or hanging out at the beach….but professional standards are a little different than that.

    Minor infraction, moderate reaction, major righteous indignation.


    And he should cover his tattoos and shave his beard and at least wear a tie. /sarcasm

    What he’s doing here is showing others that you don’t have to sacrifice who you are to be on top of even most serious games.


    The beard and the tats are fine.
    That`s who his is, no question.

    But I`m sure he owns another shirt is all.


    If you want to get taken seriously, you do have to “sacrifice who you are.” Y’know… at work, when the photographers are there. Hell, in most industries of similar caliber (especially in Europe), less than a decade ago you probably had to wear a suit and tie to work every day.


    If someone is at the the top of their game and doesn’t get hired because some suit notices absence of suit? ‘Mediocrity and conformity’ or ‘erratic brilliance’? Hmmm.
    I notice we are getting our asses kicked(/hacked) by China and others. I wonder what our hiring criteria is for cyberwarfare?


    It isn’t hiring criteria, its business, scientific, academic culture.
    Dress is part of the world of grownups.
    It’s gradually getting more casual, but it isn’t quite there yet.


    Just because half this sight (past their college years) seems to work in computers does not mean that that is the reasonable comparison. I work in the medical field. Would you want your M.D. wearing something like that?


    Half this site haven’t got a job.
    But I suppose their “principles” are intact….

    Chet Manley



    There’s an indiegogo campaign to buy him a gift (an expensive watch) because of the crap he had to put up with because of the shirt.

    “Instead of receiving the recognition he deserved, he received tremendous backlash due to the fact that he was wearing a T-Shirt depicting scantily clad women. He was bullied over a t-shirt a FEMALE friend designed for him.”

    The link is this:


    It’s already (Nov 16th) funded at 219%. But if you want to give a virtual kick in the nuts to the SJW morons, you still have time to contribute.


    I guess that makes my ultra conservative neighbor a SJW.
    He thought the guy needed a “swift kick to the head” for wearing “that kind of shit” to work.
    And he’s a dairy farmer.

    Personally, I could care less what the guy wears…..he may be a genius scientist/engineer, but he’s a moron if he doesn’t realize the majority of the world expects him to get a little dressed up for an important occasion.