More British War poster

c679d36a-aad7-4477-a0a0-16433c701c63-463x720.jpeg (177 KB)

d091f4cb-5a46-44cf-9578-bf27b108a162-482x720.jpeg (132 KB)

d709c11d-bdae-4bd1-b0f1-380fccf332a9-471x720.jpeg (108 KB)

e3018180-cceb-4b0d-b4f2-8c3c81e4486a-458x720.jpeg (93 KB)

ed7da34e-fc79-4d62-8a61-dd4ddcd44547-474x720.jpeg (132 KB)

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    The Hitler one pisses me off a little. I mean, I get the point of it, but shit…even Nazis got to take time off.