Capitalism, still better than Communism.

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    Aren’t all of these manufactured in communist China…?


    China hasn’t been “communist” is over 20 years. Their government is still the “one party to rule them all” communist-type dictatorship with no political freedom, but their economy is overly capitalistic if nothing else. There are more billionaires in China than in the rest of the world combined. And there are more (privately owned) McDonald’s in Beijing than in the whole of Europe.

    In any case, the pendrive might be manufactured in China, but it wasn’t invented there.


    I never knew technological advancement had an affiliation with one economic system or ideological beliefs over another.

    the more you know i guess…


    It makes a lot of money to manufacture and sell it back to the west, without the cost of development.
    Who’s the sucker here?
    China for the win.


    Both sides win if both sides believe they get more value than they traded. As the buyer, I value the flashdrive more than I do $10 so I benefit when I buy the flashdrive. As the seller, I value $10 more than the flashdrive so I benefit when I buy the flashdrive. Capitalism as a free exchange is a win-win in most cases whereas the coercive economic systems are typically win-lose or lose-lose as the State owned factories produce stuff which nobody wants. Capitalism has done more to alleviate human suffering and misery in the last 100 years than all… Read more »


    But is it really win-win…? A communist state like China can control industry directly, react quickly to market changes and technology with direct government input, can change work condition, safety, and environmental laws at the drop of a hat and therefore has an infinitely adaptable workforce that it can easily manipulate. It doesn’t have to deal with the trial and error or fickle randomness of entrepreneurship and capital investment like the West does. It benefits directly from the West’s technology innovation, education system and consumerism….without the downside. Sure, the West gets cheap consumer goods. But at the loss of jobs,… Read more »


    The use of paper increases the amount of trees, not the other way around.


    We grow trees especially for paper. Is that logical enough for you?

    Also, while overpopulation could be a problem at some point, we are talking about today, are we not? So put a sock in it, Spock.


    We do…but we also harvest an increasing amount of old growth forests. We do replant…but turning the diversity of a natural forest into a paper making plantation isn’t really increasing anything. And replanted forests are a long-term investment…paper use is subject to immediate market demands. As for paper use….worldwide the use of paper has grown exponentially with the advent of the PC. Paper use is slowing down in the West, due in part to USB drives and other personal electronics, but I’m not sure the environmental impact of making a few hard copies is any less than everyone getting a… Read more »

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