Guitar Players

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    right then. left to right, top to bottom:

    1 Zappa
    2 Harrison
    3 Slash
    4 Hendricks
    5 Richards
    6 Page
    7 Vaughan
    8 Clapton
    9 Knopfler
    10 May
    11 Ramone
    12 White
    13 Edge
    14 Berry
    15 Young
    16 Townshend
    17 Iommi
    18 Van Halen
    19 Gilmour
    20 Frehley
    21 Blackmore
    22 Allman
    23 Hammett
    24 Santana
    25 Frusciante
    26 Malmsteen
    27 Cobain
    28 Bloomfield
    29 Garcia
    30 Cooder
    31 Diddley
    32 Beck
    33 Morello
    34 Setzer
    35 Green

    No Nielson, Lifeson, Howe, Satriani, Vai, Rhodes, or Walsh Buckingham, or Schon? this is very cool, but give me a break.


    But the my-favorite-guitarist-is-better-than-your-favorite-guitarist game got a little tired by the end of high school.
    Are they innovators…yes.
    Are they the best-guitarist-ever…?
    But every medium sized city has at least a dozen guys who can play as well as any of these guys.

    Fame is about breaks as much as its about chops.


    Unfortunately, that last line is the truest of all, even for these guys.


    Would have been one hell of a ‘Guitar Hero’ Game…