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    Chet Manley

    Gamers are people who like to win, to grind and slog for months for a prize, who can put up with the most horrendous insults being thrown at them. And the SJWs plan to try to stander and outlast these people? Good luck with that.


    We’re all very sure that in whatever blog they keep writing in despite the fact that no one else cares, the Gamergaters will in fact outlast everyone else, and probably keep up the butthurt to their dying days.


    Imagine a conversation that goes like this:

    Feminist: I’d like to talk about the issues that trouble women today.

    Anti-feminist: No, you’re clearly a man-hater trying to impose a female supremacy.

    Feminist: When did I ever say that?

    Anti-Feminist: I’ve seen lots of tweets, blogs, pictures, and articles written by people claiming to be feminist that express horrible things like wishing all men to die or celebrating news stories of women cutting a man’s penis because he cheated on her, and stuff like that. Clearly ALL feminists are despicable man-hating feminazis.

    Feminist: Well, I admit there are some extremes in our group, like in any group, and we DO need to deal with them, but that does not, in any way, diminish the validity of the points we’re trying to make. So I’d like to talk–

    Anti-Feminist: No, we’re ONLY talking about those man-hating feminist. Nothing else is important, and nothing said by man-hating feminists could possibly be relevant, only the fact that they are man-hating feminists is of any relevance.

    Feminist: But there are far too many issues regarding the treatment of women worldwide that NEED to be addressed. Yes, we DO plan to address the violent fringe groups within our community as well. In fact, I think we can all agree that everyone here has the intellectual capacity to do BOTH at the same time.


    Now change the words “feminist” for “gamersgate” and “man-hating feminist” with “misogynist man-child”, and you get a pretty accurate picture of what gamersgate has looked like for the past few months.


    Really Tiki, doesn’t it say right in the rules here not to feed the trolls?


    Aw look. Another gamergate post. How cute. Chris Kluwe thinks you’re a clueless fuckstick, by the way…


    The whole thing has very little to do with gamer culture, it’s just a massive example of how people (mostly young boys, but definitely not exclusively) act when they have anonymity and they see something they feel threatened by.

    There ARE perfectly legitimate criticisms of the claims of misogyny in gaming, but instead of listening to them people just say ‘gamergate’ as if that’s a trump card. That isn’t to say that the people spewing vitriol or threats shouldn’t shut the hell up (or suffer legal action).

    Chet Manley

    Ironic that all we’re seeing from the anti-GamerGate crowd in this thread is a lot of childish whining and bitching, all while accusing GamerGate of being childish whining and bitching. Classic projection.


    I’d never heard about “gamergate” until these moronic ranting started up on MCS.
    I guess because my kids read real books, play in the real outdoors, socialize in the real world with real friends, and participate in real community events.

    You know….the normal healthy stuff that well adjusted kids that might actually have a future engage in….


    Feminist 1: I want to fight the patriarchy, but the more extreme and emotional we get, the less seriously wealthy influential people take the movement.

    Feminist 2: Hey, remember those guys everyone made fun of in grade school?

    Feminist 1: Yes, I think we did some major psychological damage to them. They’re probably crazy shut ins with depression now.

    Feminist 2: Well, they’ve always been really easy targets, so let’s pretend they’re the patriarchy, and attack them. It’ll make it look like we’re actually doing something, and make us feel good about ourselves.


    I’ve been a gamer for a long time and remember when there were credible threats to gaming. Anita Sarkeesian is not a threat to gaming.

    In fact, her series on women in games is an intelligent, well thought out critique of video game history. Instead of claiming video games should be banned, she actually recognizes that games have improved quite a bit. Obviously, she is passionate about video games.

    For this, she gets death and rape threats. In reality, this battle has little to do with video games. This is a culture war between the left-wing game media and developers and the right-wing consumers. Games are simple the newest battlefield in this war.

    It is a sad day indeed for gaming when people like Jack Thompson actually look justified.

    Chet Manley

    Actually she claimed to have reported the death threats to the local police, but when a reporter followed up with them, the local police had no record of her contacting them. There was no open case. A lot of people think she made them up for publicity. And boy has she gotten a lot.

    Making false claims of hate crimes is becoming such a huge thing someone has even set up a web site to track the phenomena:

    As for GamerGate being a right-wing movement, you’re in for a shock: [img][/img]


    Where was this chart made, and what process was used to make it?

    Chet Manley

    It was collected over Twitter by ?@ZenithTheOne:

    Chet Manley

    Here’s comments about it from a journalist:


    So he asked a bunch of Gamergaters what their political views were and dotted them on the chart? Did they take a quiz to see where they fell? If so, what sort of questions were asked?

    Nothing in the link seems to address that. I’m genuinely curious.

    Chet Manley

    People went to the Political Compass website (, and posted a pic of their results on Twitter. Then ZenithTheOne combined the results.

    Chet Manley

    Someone downvoted splodey for politely asking a perfectly valid question? WTF?


    Can this entire thing just fucking die already? I love games. I play them often, and have played them often for my entire life of 33 years. I don’t care who makes them. I don’t care who doesn’t like them. I don’t care if some fem-nazi’s think games are degrading, nor do I care if some basement-dwelling neckbearded man children get offended by said fem-nazi’s. If you don’t like what someone is saying, then don’t read it. Go back to doing whatever it is you do with your free time, and get the fuck over yourself.


    I don’t care if these feminists are utterly stupid, I just don’t care for the censorship and corruption that’s been going on relating to this.

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