Wanted : Jinx

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    tiki god

    Do any of you people play LoL?

    this is the first set of images that actually made me even remotely interested in that type of thing

    Chet Manley

    Looks like the title bar is broken. I think it’s supposed to say: “Wanted : Jinx”. But on the main page it’s just a thin grey line.


    No, no LoL, no WoW, or any other MMO.
    Soon after launch, I’ve tried STO, but couldn’t connect to server for couple of days, so it went bye-bye.

    tiki god

    LoL isn’t even remotely a MMO, at least I’m 99% sure it isn’t.


    It’s not.

    It is lots of fun if you have people to play with, though.


    If you wanna nitpick:
    not any other multiplayer game, that requires Internet connection to work.


    Just imagine what could you do, if you would be this “anal” about MCS, or anything else.


    Hell, we could have some “1337” features, like editing of ones own posts.