Putin on Obama

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    America is not socialist.
    Obama is not proposing America convert to socialism.

    This post is invalid.


    Putin would know the difference between Obama and socialism.


    So the most corrupt major leader in the world has opinions about other leaders. Big whoop.


    Yes, we all know that anything that doesn’t completely conform 100% to your viewpoint is because of a liberal conspiracy of bias, we’ve seen you post that blog before.

    Old Tofu

    even if it was , germany,switzerland,ireland,new zeland,norway,finland,canada,and more. how many of these are “failures”? the one that failed was the U.S.S.R. , lol


    Capitalist countries with a societal concensus that society / the government should pay for your health care, your education and feed you through unemployment as well as your retirement. So, basically, capitalist countries with everything that would make the USA ‘socialist’.


    We get it Fink.
    You’re one of those 84%.
    Otherwise you’d know better than post the nonsense you’re posting…


    Obama is blamed for turning the US socialist because he wants, for example, the whole society to fund the health care of those who can’t afford it on their own.
    Am I saying that’s what makes a country socialist? No.
    Should american conservatives seriously unbunch their knickers? Yes.
    Should people stop using completely hollow tags like ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’ because that is outdated cold war vocabulary and using them makes you look like a Reagan caricature? Yes, please.


    Also: Germany’s economy is neither completely free market nor completely government managed. So where does that fit in your neat little graph?


    Goldfinger, America in general is a very generous country. Those of us who tend to vote and think conservative (I’m a registered libertarian btw)don’t have a problem helping out those who are down on their luck, or seriously ill. The problem is that there are far too many able bodied people (vast overwhelming majority black) who can work, but refuse to, and are given $30,000 a year in benefits. Those same people are obsessed with the criminal culture, and refuse to conform to basic elements of normal society like don’t commit crimes, don’t have children that you can’t or wont care for, and get a job.

    We are sick of the f*cking leeches, and sick of the government leaders like Obama who want to keep those types on the benefits, so that those who are receiving the benefits, will continue to vote democrat, and keep them in power.

    It’s not that we don’t want to help the ones who can’t help themselves, we just don’t want to support those who wont.


    How do you tell the ones who can’t from the ones who won’t?


    Nothing to object so far. (Deciding what’s a legitimate medical reason is something else completely).
    Let’s assume there are more burger flipping aspirants than burger flipping positions open? Having not enough jobs to keep everybody employed is a real problem in Europa [b]and [/b] the US, afaik.


    To answer your question about not having enough jobs, here in lies another problem directly caused by government. The tax rate on individuals and corporations are way too high in the US at around 31-30%.

    If the government would spend less (like that would ever happen), and lower the tax rate, small business and big business owners alike would have more free capital to invest in R&D, and the manufacturing of new products. This would directly create new job opportunities. It would also be a boon to the education system in places like local community colleges as more people would sign up for short term, certificate based college courses in order to get new certifications, to get higher paying jobs.

    These newly promoted workers would earn more, and thus spend more, also creating new job opportunities for lower skill workers to provide goods and services to the newly promoted workers. The newly promoted workers would naturally leave vacancies in lower skilled positions, thus creating even more job opportunities.

    You see Goldfinger, more government is not the solution to create a growing, healthy economy. Less government (and by that I mean lower taxes on persons and business alike) is a solution that would create more jobs, and give more empowerment to the individual worker and consumers.

    These people would then realize that they do not need to live off of the government, and welfare distributors like Obama would get their asses voted out. Which is why they WANT more people dependent on government to provide for them.


    I get your concept.
    But that would need unlimited potential for growth. But an economy can only grow to a certain amount before it reaches a limit. Same goes for production – you can only have so many cars, phones, computers, tables, forks, whatever.

    And: “higher qualification” jobs only grow at a certain speed and to a certain amount while “lower qualification” jobs get less because employers have a natural interest in saving money by rationalisation / streamlining / economisation.

    To keep to the economy I know: Germany has made things easier and easier for big business over the last two decades. We lowered the taxes for companies, we loosened dismissal protection so they don’t have to pay for people they can’t afford and still the actual wages are dropping, there is a big group of people who can barely get along although they a lot of them are even working two jobs.
    This may not count for small businesses (How do you define them anyway? Usually, “small” is a lot bigger in the US than in Europe) but big business has it’s first and foremost duty to the shareholders and that’s why they do everything to increase the annual winnings.
    I’m not saying total government control is the key to a better society. But the economy needs to be put on a leash (the length of which is open for discussion) in order to keep it from running amok on the backs of the rest of society.
    IIRC, the last banking crisis was not a result of governments putting [b]too much[/b] control on those banks and rating institutes.


    A continuum.
    Neither black nor white….but a million shades of grey.

    Only zealots and simpletons think in black and white.


    Nothing screams “END OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE” louder than morons who think that a centrist, pro-Wall Street, pro-business, neoliberal president is an ebil socialist. That, and posting fake assed quotes online. Y’all are so utterly, irrevocably fucked.

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