Starship Troopers

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    tiki god

    man I still love this movie. the tv series was meh and the second movie was completely insane.

    third movie kinda made me forget the second one, but then they did the CGI movie, and it was bad.



    oh man…never saw 4th movie…how exactly bad are we talking…on a MST3K scale of “Gamera” to “Manos”.

    tiki god

    my ratings of them:
    5/5 stars for the 1st one
    1/5 stars for the 2nd one
    3/5 stars for the 3rd one
    2/5 stars for the cgi one


    Holy balls that CGI movie is awful. And creepy. Why the hell is their a CGI chick shower scene? Oh, wait. Japan, that’s why.


    inspired my favorite sc1 maps

    tiki god

    zerg rush, kekeke


    Fascist Meritocracy vs. Communism story.
    …which is funny because in the books what you saw of Earthgov was fairly democratic…but you still had to have a military or civil service job to be able to vote. However in the movies they turned it up to 11 and put everyone in Nazi uniforms.