Vintage Close Encounters Bubble Gum Card

tumblr_nbick5BZ6S1sqf5tdo1_500.jpg (261 KB)

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    That thing always freaked me out because (to me) it looked like stop motion, but I’d read it was an animatronic effect. When you watch that final scene with the giant stick insect, the little girl ballet dancers wearing big fake heads, then ‘Puck’, who bears a strange resemblance to Cary Guffey, all you can think is, thank God for back lighting, smoke and lens flare. Despite all that I still LOVE this film.


    Aha! So that’s why the movement on Puck is so strange. It moved so slowly they had to undercrank the film so that when it was projected normally it sped up! Also, I had no idea the skinny alien was a test.

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