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    Someone is confusing hacker, with general IT guy, or someone like that.


    no, they’re using “hacker” as it’s old definition..being “a person with a high level of skill in technology”…somewhere along the line though it has taken on the definition of “cracker”…so it is now “a person who attempts to gain unauthorized access”
    Hacker groups have been trying to get the definitions fixed for years, but they’ve had as much success as the guy who created the .gif file format trying to convince them it is pronounced “jiff”


    High level skill, and others can make something just like you, only better, you depend on some third party API.
    lolwut ?


    I go there sometimes. It’s ok. If you sort through the crap – especially the ‘lookit my startup’ crap – you can find some interesting things.

    Better than slashdot now, but not as good as slashdot in its prime.