Back when Star Trek was on the air, I thought they used the Borg way too much.

Now I’m watching Doctor Who and their use of the Dalecs puts the Borg overusage to shame.

Is there a mandate to have them in every other episode from the BBC?

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    Yeah, completely over used. Did see the point raised on Cracked.com “Oh all the Daleks where killed in the Time War… except this one changed up, that fleet, this cult, that infinite prison and on and on…”.

    tiki god

    they’re kind of a one note species too,


    And that note is “Exterminate”. But seriously, they’re just not that scary anymore. I can understand when they turned up the design was unique and interesting and maybe a little creepy, but we’ve had so long now to point out all the design flaws and how they don’t really work. Wouldn’t a species like the Daleks, so hellbent on the extermination of all other life and genetic purity and all that wank at some point give themselves a completely new vehicle/body/life support/crutch/whatever that pepper pot is?


    [quote]Back when Star Trek was on the air, I thought they used the Borg way too much.[/quote]
    Which ST ? Because the only one that could qualify, would be VOY, and only from the very end of season 3. But they were in their “neighborhood”, FFS.


    Well…back when the show started they blew most of their budget on a trashcan, a plunger, a whisk, and a showerhead…so they had to use it over and over. After 50 years, it’s kind of become a tradition.