9-11-14: a Wallpaper I made

9_11_14.jpg (699 KB)

Sine 9-11-01:
We’ve lost over 6000 soldiers in 2 wars [ IRAQ – AFGHANISTAN ] Warrantless wire-taps done in bulk affecting all Americans [ PATRIOT ACT ] Any American can now be declared a terrorist or combatant and captured
and / or killed without any due process and on any soil [ NDAA ] Unprecedented spying on Americans via ALL internet communications and
cell phone data [ PATTRIOT ACT – NSA ] Constitution-Free zones that cover MOST of America’s metropolitan areas
1st Amendment-free zones established whereever the president see’s fit

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    It would have been a big, triumphant “fuck you” to re-build them the same. That’s what I always wanted.

    Chet Manley

    The people downvoting chillin789’s comment are terrorists.


    But do it +1 floor


    [quote]REMIND ME. WHO WON AGAIN?[/quote]
    The people who planned all of this.


    Yeah….a win/win/win for all the wrong people. A win for Pro Islamic forces….because it pushed the West into an unwinnable war…which was exactly their plan. And a win beyond their wildest dreams….because the power vacuum in Iraq allowed them much greater influence in the region then they ever would have achieved under Sadam. A win for Military contractors and NeoCon activists…obviously… Especially considering the PNAC and AEI had key members in the Bush administration and openly stated they were waiting for a “Pearl Harbor” moment to make an Iraq invasion an easy sell….”even if evidence does not link Iraq directly… Read more »

    Chet Manley

    If the military contractors are NeoCons, why is Obama still keeping them in business? Nope, they are just businesses with a vested interest in making money. They aren’t NeoCon or Communist or anything. God Bless Capitalism!


    Who said anything about Obama…?
    I was talking about 911 and those involved and in power then.

    Obama wasn’t on the scene…And I certainly haven’t said anything about his views or policies on the war or the military industrial complex.
    Nothing I said has anything at all to do with Obama.

    Look, I know you have a really big hate-on for the current President there Finkly…and some major obsession with everything I post….whatever.

    If you feel the uncontrollable need to troll me Fink, at least try to stay on topic ….

    Chet Manley

    So you’re saying that 6 years ago when Obama took over, he cancelled all those Military contracts? Oh wait, he didn’t. I guess you can’t say the Military contractors are NeoCons, can you. I guess at this point they’re Dumbocrats.

    You: 0
    Me: 2


    Once again….I didn’t actually say anything about Obama…
    Other than to point out….that I didn’t say anything about Obama….


    Chet Manley

    The fact is the Military can’t be considered NeoCons if they are now suckling at Obama’s teat and have been for the past 6 years.


    Well it has been a great time for military contractors .. So good you would think they planned it..Best of all for the military contractors is the fact that a War On Terror can never end as their will always be new enemies. I wish i was getting all that tax payers money myself

    Chet Manley

    While every business wants to make money, I think ideology on all sides is the true culprit.


    Well look at you sounding like a rational human-being.