reddit hypocrisy

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    they were/are meh

    Chet Manley

    It would only be hypocrisy if the government had leaked the nudes. Instead it was shitty Apple software.


    Let me set it up as i think it has gone down–the government acts as criminals, and reddit flips out, then regular old criminals act as criminals, and reddit explodes with resharing the criminally obtained photos (including the naked photos of then-16-years-old mckayla maroney), and that isn’t hypocrisy?

    Chet Manley

    You see, you really have to reach to make them comparable.


    No I don’t see. Criminally accessing data should be bad regardless of who does it. If I don’t want the government coming into my house and taking my stuff, it’d be hypocritical of me to also be a burglar.

    Chet Manley

    But Reddit didn’t steal the pics. Your analogy is invalid.


    There’s a difference between actively creating vast amount of data, profiling, installing shit on other people property, etc., and using braindead-age of people, who believed the cloud propaganda.
    Troll harder.