Firefly Sky Wallpaper

Firefly Sky Wallpaper.jpg

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    I wish there’d been more of this.
    Some of the best TV in decades.


    If you didn’t know what Wash’s last words were, how is it you’ve watched enough of it to know you wish there had been more?


    I’ve noticed that a lot of people who loved the show either hate the movie or won’t see it on principle.

    tiki god


    no. you either know people that don’t know anything about anything or you’re full of poodoo. the movie only happened because of the fans.


    I’ve seen the movie dozens of times.
    It was what led me to the series.
    I own both.
    Sorry I didn’t say the best TV and the best movie…

    And you should watch the space battle scene again and you’d figure out where “What does that mean?” comes from.