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    Chet Manley

    “The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money” — Margaret Thatcher.


    Again, why would you use the 20th century’s dumbest free-market proponent to prop up your arguments?


    There are a couple of problems with this.
    1. McDonald’s has a median starting pay of $9.00/hr
    2. As regulation costs (ACA, EPA, FDA) raise expenses by companies, they have to cut them elsewhere and raise prices to maintain equilibrium. Raising the minimum wage would catastrophically upset that equilibrium to the point that most workers would be laid off.
    3. Food prices would rise even after the layoffs.
    4. Industry prices would rise, driving consumer prices up, so now you have workers out of work and the cost of living has skyrocketed.
    Maybe we should reduce the cost of living.


    Socialists don’t think things through. It’s why Socialism always fails.


    Use these machines, prove they work, and your job is next.


    Why would food prices or industry prices rise if there were layoffs to compensate for the rise in wages? There’s no doubt that the cost of McDonald’s food would increase if they had to pay more, but that’s the only real guarantee. If we as a society think that those people on the other side of the counter should be making a living wage, that is in fact a price we would have to pay. Given that fast food jobs are quickly moving from summer and part-time jobs for teenagers and college students towards the full time jobs for working… Read more »


    In and Out pays there employees very well and gives benefits. What the employees protesting don’t get is that they will be weeded out by better employees because it is decent pay and then they will finally get my big mac order right. Also as for all the stupid bs about a outrageous price hike for food….it would be 17cents per burger. The USA won’t collapse because MCD employees get $15/hr.


    Where are you getting the 17 cents per burger stat?


    probably (annual units sold)/(annual employee salary) … … …but even the 0.17 doesn’t sound right.

    Mark Antony

    In a capitalist society, the price of an item is not set by the cost of production for an item. It is set by the maximum price that a company can charge to the customer, and get away with. The competition factors in the equation of setting prices: you charge what you can get away with in light of what the competition charges for a similar product, trying to strike a balance between profit and preserving market share. Thing is, when it comes to McDonald’s, we are not talking about a young start-up operating at a deficit in the first… Read more »


    Most McDonalds are owned by franchisees who are small time entrepeneurs. The people working the counter are not employed by or paid by the McDonalds Corporation.


    McDonalds food is poison anyway. I don’t care how much they pay their people – I’m not eating there.


    If you don’t like the prices they charge or what the pay their employees, then don’t buy what they’re selling. Nobody is forcing you to line the CEO’s pockets with your money.
    As my economics professor once said, you vote with your money. The ones that you vote for tend to survive longer.


    Around 5% of the US labor force makes minimum wage. Of those about half are teenagers who live in households with average or above average household income. That leaves around 2.5% of the labor force or about 4 million people who are presumably trying to support themselves on a minimum wage job. Studies indicate, they may be accurate they may not, that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will cause the lost of between 400,000 and 1,000,000 minimum wage jobs. On top of that it is reasonable to expect that more job seekers who will not accept a job at… Read more »

    Chet Manley

    ^^^ This. Incoming downvotes from butthurt Social Police.

    Mark Antony

    The myth of “minimum wage earners” mostly being made up of teenagers who live with theirs parents continues to persist, but is not based on fact. 88% of them are older than 20, and the low-figure average age is 31 (some estimates going as far as 35). 30% of those workers have children to support. I use quotations when saying “minimum wage earners” since the data includes those who make minimum wage (which is not a living wage) and those who make less than the minimum, and are even worse off. I’m glad you preface your dire job loss predictions… Read more »

    tiki god

    Where are you getting those numbers from?

    Chet Manley

    His ass.