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He’s kind of a creepy fucker….


I’ve seen cleaner homeless people….


Jesus, look at those nails, and the dandruff.
And I can’t imagine what the fucker smells like…


You’re assuming that’s dandruff, even though it’s on top of his hat, too?


I’ve heard all kinds of shit over the past 10-15 years: broke his leg/hip in a fall some years back and got addicted to painkillers during recovery; divorced wife Lynn Varley and took up with a batshit crazy Shakespearean actress/scholar; got sued by an assistant when his new girlfriend left used tampons and smeared feces on her workplace; went slightly insane after 9/11 and even moreso after the abject failure of his film version of The Spirit; now makes comics about slaughtering Muslims; etc. etc.

His place in comics history is assured, but Jesus…what a fall from grace.

tiki god

it’s very sad, but his name is still worth something in the comic books world


Perhaps, but after ‘All Star Batman and Robin’ and ‘Holy Terror’, it may be more as a joke.