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    Socialism works better.


    Keep pretending that your capitalism never hurt anyone. Your capitalist overlords have programmed you well.

    Chet Manley

    Keep pretending that your socialism never hurt anyone. Your pansexual overlords have programmed you well.

    Mark Antony

    Bullshit reply.

    Having oversight and regulation of industry is not tantamount to Stalinism, Nazism or Maoism.


    Socialism isn’t just another word for regulation. Regulations = Government.

    Chet Manley

    Young people today seem to have been mislead on what Socialism actually is:

    Ductile Logistics

    So Nazism is socialism now? Since Socialist platforms encompass Left-Wing politics and Nazism is a Right-wing extremism party…

    Your image is flawed, innaccurate and trite.


    People get confused when they hear “National Socialist Workers Party” which is the non-shortened name. It actually was meant to be the middle ground between the Nationalists (right wingers) and Socialists (left wingers). They were anti-capitalist, but supported private industrialization… Basically, they changed their politics on the fly to gain supporters…they were the Green Party.


    ^^^ This.


    Don’t get me wrong, socialism just doesn’t work as the primary economic system (not that it’s relevant, the original pic is about needing to more heavily regulate capitalism)… but the 21 million deaths attributed to Hitler had very little, if anything, to do with socialism. Perhaps they had something to do with trying to commit genocide conquer most of the planet. Also, about 1/3 of the 62 million deaths attributed to Stalin were killed fighting the Nazis!

    Hence, as ductile-logistics pointed out, wizjob’s image is bullshit.


    For one thing, Socialism has evolved quite nicely. I still prefer Capitalism, but it would be nice if it came with some social responsibility and maybe a heart.


    National Socialism/Fascism/Progressivism has always been firmly on the left about an inch to the right of Communism. Stalin labeled it “rightwing” because the communists and the fascists were competing over the same supporters. He knew that useful idiots would believe the label and over eighty years later we see that he was correct.