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Chet Manley

Just look for torrents of “The Fappening”

Chet Manley

>Be 2024 >I go outside for the first time years >The fappening changed everything >JLaws nudes sparked a revolution >Every conflict in the world abruptly ended as everyone was too busy fapping >As I walk down the overgrown street, I see what appears to be Zoe Quinn >She sits on the side of the curb dying >”C-cum c-c-cum I-I need cum” she says in a pathetic voice >Much of her kind died out after the fappening >With no cum to nourish them, sluts began starve out >SJWs began to crumble into dust as everyone was too busy fapping to give… Read more »

thanks obama???

Chet Manley

Obama has no strategy on Jennifer Lawrence.