Corporate Capitalism is not…

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    Chet Manley

    If it’s poorly scribbled in graffiti, it must be true!


    What majority of people think as democracy, is not democracy.


    Socialism is also not Democracy.


    Democracy just means you elect your leaders and have more than one political party. Capitalism is a financial system, not a political one. That graffiti is like saying Firetrucks aren’t a vegetable (with the inference that they’re a fruit).

    So Communism isn’t a Democracy, and Monarchy isn’t a Democracy, but you can definitely have a Corporate Capitalist Democracy.

    Also, Capitalism itself has democratic traits, such as share holders getting to vote. However you do need money (capital) in order to obtain votes, so it’s not political system, it’s a financial one.


    Good points, all. But tell me, if capitalism is not a political system and merely a financial one, why are the lawmakers and courts increasingly choosing to act and legislate in a manner that favours the financial system over the political?


    Why do legislators legislate in a manner that favors social programs? Why do legislators legislate in a manner that favors military spending? Why do legislators legislate in a manner that favors anything?

    It’s called lobbying.


    Sounds like a fancy word for the intersection of politics and capitalism :p