Thanks, Obama.

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    Thanks FDR (FTFY).
    From age 18 to 67 every paycheck from everyone pays into this. 50 years of mandatory investment, with a government guarantee to make good on the promise for those who make it to 65. Avoiding unwinnable wars, enforced deficit limits, and reducing military spending to just triple the next biggest world power, would pay for retirement, tuition free college, NASA, and switch all passenger vehicles off oil. You just can’t imagine how much is spent on military and debt.


    Another Democrat. Seeing a pattern here.


    Forgot the fucker could control time and people aging. Obama the timelord.

    Chet Manley

    I’ll bite. The people in wheelchairs represent people on welfare and other social assistance (child support, mothers allowance, EBT, alimony, etc), the leeches. And the people pushing from behind are those that actually work for a living and support the system, the producers. There’s no denying that there is a record number of Americans on social assistance under Obama and it’s only getting worse.


    And not the aging boomers changing the workers vs. retirees ratio for social security, as the comic originally was written (anyone remember the source?)?

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