art dump

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    #6 Requiescat by Briton Riviere
    The hound’s vigil at his dead masters side…one of the most touching paintings of a dog ever.
    His specialty was painting animals…but this one stands out.

    Chet Manley

    Whatever you say, rdeckard.

    Chet Manley

    Oh, rdeckard’s doing his mass downvote thing again.


    I taught him that trick 🙂


    Isn’t #1 supposed to depict some kind of greek philosopher or something like that?

    Also, I’d love to know the name/artist of the #4 (sea/sunset) painting.


    Ivan Aivazovsky’s The Ninth Wave painting shows a handful of survivors clinging to the mast of a sunken ship.


    Diogenes…a real nutter who managed to piss off folks where-ever he went.
    By Gerome.


    Chicks dig sunsets too.


    I thought #2 was one of the one of the Rembrandts stolen from the Gardner Museum…


    1990…still unsolved.
    I hope whoever’s got it is taking good care of it, so when they finally arrest his ass, they can put it back up.

    Dyon 86

    1; Advert for “Chum (Extreme) Dog Food”
    2; National Lampoon’s South Sea Islands Vacation
    3; Another Friday Evening Outside The Local Irish Pub
    4; Noah The Prequel “We Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”
    5; Mykonos Club 18-30 Holidays
    6; Toto and the Tin Man
    7; OMG Who’s In Charge Of The BBQ’s?
    8; The Ruins : Early Years (Don’t touch those leaves)
    9; The Weiman Royal Sterling Silver Polish Sales Meeting
    10; The Grand National “Pikey Style”
    11; TikiGod’s Grand Old Tree of Posts


    Correct on every one, sir!
    Although the alternative title for #8 is actually “Sewing for Dummies.”

    Dyon 86

    Oh I thought the real title was “Don’t worry I’ll make you my teddy bear” … quick bring more stuffing!