Meaning of Feminism

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I know it’s a repost but apparently some of you need to see it again. You are confusing the radfems for the mainstream feminist movement.

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    Chet Manley



    [imgcomment image[/img]
    I fixed your correction.


    Smeg! I can’t seem to get pic links working of late.
    [imgcomment image[/img]


    We didn’t need to see that


    So many Scotsmen. But none of them was a true Scotsman.


    Why is his hand turning pink? Do feminists want to turn men into women? :O

    Chet Manley

    Yes. And they want to be men.


    I think some girls/women emulate some of the bad traits of males either as an expression of equality &/or liberation. This is a mistake on their part and isn’t feminism IMHO but rather an overcompensation.

    If we think that women are less than us for being female then we’re idiots. But if they stop being female to try and achieve equality in some way then they’re doing it wrong.

    Vive la difference!

    Chet Manley

    This is one of the major issues with modern feminism, this notion that women are inferior and thus need to be compensated, to have the bar lowered, to be given a leg up. It’s not equality, and it teaches girls and young women that there’s something wrong with them for “only” being female. It’s the worst kind of internalized misogyny.


    I’ll believe it when I see and hear a femanazi not espouse bullshit trying to convince others that they’re better than men.


    Some bitches just need a good punch in the face :):):)

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