coward card

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    Maybe he doesn’t have time to talk to idiots who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.


    Seriously, I mean, what is he/she gonna do, wait by the fucking car all day? That said, I dislike the cards. They’re funny and affirming for about five seconds before you realize they’re kind of assholish. Just telling someone they suck without explaining why accomplishes nothing more than making you feel a surge of phantom power –and has a way of backfiring. I’d rather just make up & use cards with a checklist, and check off what they’re doing wrong: covering two spaces, more than a foot away from the curb, diagonally across lines, double parking while taking your sweet… Read more »


    if you are the recipient of one of these cards, and need it to be explained to you why you were given one, you definitely are an asshole. daring someone to tell you to your face that you are an incompetent driver, does not make you a “man”. your physical prowess can not improve your lack of manners, disrespect for social rules, or poor judgement with spacial values.


    You should change your name to “aquawoman” 🙂

    tiki god

    let’s make a list then:

    [] terrible parallel parking
    [] over the line
    [] using more than one parking place
    [] parking next to hydrant
    [] truck nutz


    But truck nutz are outstandinger than hell!


    If I had “truck nuts” checked off on mine I’d similarly reply like this blowhard only mine would just say, “DEEZ NUTZ”.


    If he talked to you “like a man,” you would suckerpunch him like a coward. Because the kind of guy who uses “like a man” tends to be the kind of guy who gets violent during ANY confrontation (especially when there’s an objective level of wrongness that the guy has achieved).

    Chet Manley

    You seem to be pretty upset there.


    saborlas really hates men. What a loser.

    Chet Manley

    She’s most likely a fat girl then.



    Then she REALLY deserves to have the shit kicked out of her 🙂


    It didn’t even occur to the guy the person who might have left the card would be a woman.


    A woman would have just keyed it and run off like a pussy. 🙂