Know True Evil: Communism

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    Pfft. Mao killed WAY more than that.


    Since Ukraine is “news”:


    Fuck, this was supposed to be “standalone”, not a reply.


    True communism will never work. You expect people to bust their ass and get nothing in return. All that results in is everybody doing the bare minimum amount of work. And without competition to drive people to succeed there is no drive to produce quality goods. What industry has a communist nation ever been a leader of? The only thing that comes close is some of the aircraft Russia has produced which are elegantly simple and rugged. But companies like Boeing and Airbus still absolutely dominated the market for civilian aircraft compared to companies like Antonov. Communism produced bland pieces… Read more »


    It worked well enough to put a dude into space first while we were flicking our beans 🙂


    tell that to the Chinese who are the largest producer of goods in the world.

    Chet Manley

    Produced in their “special capitalist zones”.


    it doesnt matter what you are Capitalist,Communist or Socialist as one system rules them all , Its called The Monetary System


    But Communism and Socialism redistributes that wealth regardless of merit, where as Capitalism rewards those that work hard to earn it.


    If thats true then why are their rich people and poor people in both the Communist and Socialist System ?


    You think communism & socialism redistributes wealth LOL 🙂

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