Too much time, too much money

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    Anita Sarkeesian (that’s the girl’s name) has quickly become the textbook example of everything that’s wrong about “internet feminism”. For instance, one of her greatest complaints is that most female characters in video games are nothing more than damsels in distress, capable of doing nothing but crying in hope that a manly man will come and save them. In the game Donkey Kong, all Pauline ever does is to cry “help” every couple of seconds. She does absolutely nothing to help herself out of her predicament. She isn’t even tied up or shackled or anything, yet she doesn’t even try… Read more »


    Yo dawg I herd you like to get emotional while calling people emotional about getting emotional so I got some emotional emotion for your motion.


    A well worded pile of shite m’laddo.
    Yes, she comes over as evangelical – yes I think she needs a little balance in what she presents but the problem she’s addressing IS real and should be addressed.
    Accusing her of doing exactly what she’s complaining about though is silly.


    I think she’s just in it for the money and could care less about Feminism. You can make A LOT of money from ideology. Just look at religion!