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    So when do we get to talk about the rockets Hamas is launching from homes, hiding in schools, and shielding with civilians? Can we talk about how the rockets are fired indiscriminately against Israeli civilians and that roughly 2/3 of the Israeli population has been in bomb shelters for the last week and a half while the IDF is sending leaflets and text messages to Palestinian civilians telling them to evacuate?


    BUllshit. Still no israeli victim from rockets (they even watch the war as a fireworks from surrounding hills) and yeah shitty leaflets telling you to run when there’s nowhere to run; except out of your own country (but that’s the goal).

    Israel indeed have a licence to heartlessly kill civilians, coz y’know, holocaust…


    Still no Israeli casualties?

    You’re also forgetting Israel have anti-rocket systems protecting them which cost a fortune to operate, and that a fair chunk of children in Sredot have signs of PTSD from rushing to bomb shelters.

    Israel have done some really fucked stuff (e.g. the kids being killed on the beach) but they have a right to try and stop these rocket attacks. You’re also forgetting Hamas wont be happy until Israel and the jews are wiped out


    Just a word of advice–that Hamas has called for the destruction of Israel is the LEAST effective argument ever made to justify Israeli actions! Why? Because that’s what people have always said when they are at war! Know how many allied troops came back saying that they wished that they could have wiped out the Japanese down to the last person? Know how many versus of the Bible have God commanding the ancient Israelites to conquer their neighbors and kill every man, woman, child, and livestock? That’s just what people say. The fact that the western world has decided to… Read more »

    Chet Manley



    The durka durka crowd are certainly out in force. Black is white. Up is down. They hate everything the west stands for. Probably best all around if they were to remain in the latrines from which they seep rather than come here.


    I don’t know, I think both sides kind of suck. We should take away their weapons and kick them both out. Let the Kurds finally have a homeland. Relocate the Palestinians and the Ashkenazi to opposite ends of the earth and slap a restraining order on them both.


    Let the country that doesn’t start wars in middle eastern countries cast the first stone, USA.