Bullet resistant protective blanket for children and adults

Source: bodyguardblanket.com

I see some “design flaws”, not to mention the ass-backwards logic.

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    fire prof?


    Because the psychopath who buys his guns via a loophole that the ammosexuals refuse to close TOTES won’t lift those up and fire away.

    Why is the solution never “deny a gun to a high-risk person with documented mental illness?”

    Chet Manley

    Stop using homosexuality as an insult.


    Stop being all anal about it.


    “Why is the solution never “deny a gun to a high-risk person with documented mental illness?””

    1) Because most of the people who commit these kind of crimes have no documented history of mental illnesses.

    2) Because people with mental illnesses aren’t evil monsters that you can deny basic right to simply because it is convenient for you.

    3) Because history spends most of its time demonstrating that the best way to solve a problem isn’t to pretend that you can control every single aspect of reality and thus prevent every single possible problem from happening, but by understanding that the universe hates you and tries its best to kill you at every single turn, so you need to be prepared to fight back and defend your own life and prove that you’re not some useless, worthless little maggot who would be in danger of being killed by a pack of slightly upset squirrels if it weren’t for Mommy Government(tm) protecting your wimpy ass every single second of your life.


    I really like this website but lots of its readers are a bunch of lefties who put safety over personal freedom so using logic to convince them is futile.


    Guns = freedom. Stupid lefties.


    Being able to defend yourself from maniacs who don’t care about the regulations since it’s just a piece of paper = Freedom. Some people don’t like responsibility and prefer when the government takes that responsibility away from them. They are called socialists. Lefties.


    Which flaw?
    The lining up in the hallways? Or high-visibility red?
    Or is it philosophical… that this approach is clearly the same as the “hide under your desk during an earthquake” approach, which suggests that a gun-toting person is just a random act of god?
    Or is it that its a fucking blanket?

    Dyon 86

    Yea, could have made it like a sleeping bag that you could get into.


    The biggest flaw is that the gunman isn’t going to patiently wait for everyone to get them out of their lockers (that’s assuming that these are in fact what the title suggests). Seriously, where are these stored that kids can suddenly whip them out in an instant when the bullets start flying?


    Camouflage kevlar school uniforms is the answer. What would school room camp look like though? Prints of backpacks, school books, and desks?


    Autocorrect caused a Typo:
    Camp == Camo. F-ing autocorrect fTW. 🙁


    lots of beige…I swear…every school ever is painted beige…


    Look at the floor.
    That same speckled black, grey, white polished concrete mix that’s in every public building built from 1950 to 2000.
    Kids would be so invisible any gunman would be tripping over them.


    Why stop there? Almost everyone now has a computer with internet access so why not make the kids stay at home and stream all lessons to them. You can get anything delivered so there’s no point taking risks going outside.


    Yes, home schooling.
    Unless uncle Jim is a gun toting psychopath.


    my cunt hurts.


    Only in America…

    this is just too funny, really.
    You people get better and better at the irony of it all.

    I’m sure I’ll be crucified on the altar of “foreign asshole” but I couldn’t let the op pass without saying that Americans are a really strange, silly and twisted bunch. It’s difficult to see or understand that until viewed from the outside.

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