Steam Summer Sale Wallpaper

Steam Summer Sale Wallpaper.jpg

Did you play this game?  what color team were you on?  did you win any games?

I did not.

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    Do you follow the road of graham crackers up the mountain of exclamations?


    I was on green team, and nope I did not win any games. I also did no finish the trading cards for the sale. I missed it by one card and I wasn’t about to upload 5 bucks to steam to buy it off someone else.


    5 bucks…you must have waited until the last day…before that they were going for like 10 cents…

    But man…that last day…I sold all of my cards for “the low low price!” of $2 apiece. They sold instantly, and I spent all that dirty blood money on… … …Final Fantasy 7 & 8.


    Red Team. Didn’t win any games unfortunately. But definitely came near to donating plasma.