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    Yeah, but lest we forget that they used the metric system to get to the moon. Everyone knows that engineers and chemists use the metric system…

    I can’t tell if this is just a sign about stupidity or denial…

    Metric is really not that difficult – it’s perfectly accurate and super stupid simple. A bit like the difference of using Apple and Windows… both will eventually get you there – but why suffer the self imposed masochism. Even the most simple-minded uneducated peasant in any back hill village of Europe can tell you that by metric standards, water freezes at zero and boils at 100.
    Quickly now, using the imperial (US) form of measurement – at what temperature does water boil and freeze? Even if you know that answer, the average American doesn’t; and most have used this back-ass form of measurement all their lives.
    Quickly sum up the imperial fractions of 17/32 and 5/16 =
    Okay, now quickly sum up the metric fraction of 4/10 and 9/10 =
    You have 10 digits on your hands, not 8… why would you want to make life for the average student or yourself any more difficult and complicated than you have to?

    Just saying…

    (btw: it freezes at minus-32 & and boils at 212 – something more you need to memorize – yet, from today to the day you die – you will easily recall that by metric standards water freezes at zero and boils at 100)


    And yet the country which does not use the metric system, in general, produced the scientists, educators, engineers, metallurgists, construction workers, and everyone else who enabled the US to land on the moon. The metric system is in many ways superior to the imperial system used in the US but the point is that the US accomplished something which no other nation has accomplished.


    And most of those coming from Europe.
    I’m an educator here… you have to be here to experience the army, make that, the mega-army of job recruiters and head hunters sent here by US top institutions, manufacturers and top education universities seeking and grabbing our best and brightest students at the end of each school year.
    It’s not uncommon for high school students here to speak 3 to 4 languages (including English and Latin)… I wonder how many languages the average American high school graduate can speak.
    Parents and students take scholastic studies incredibly serious and there is absolutely no way that a “home schooling” programme would even be considered by a parent. It’s nearly impossible and far beyond their capabilities to offer at home what is REQUIRED to pass to the next level.
    School bands, music, art, cheerleading and school sports programmes here in Europe are really non-existent. (apart from the mandatory PE classes). Sports are not considered in any form a part of a student’s education. If your child wants to participate in any type of music, art or sports programme then the parents foot the entire bill for that child’s extra-circular activities. Our European soccer, tennis, gymnastic stars, artist and musicians are not discovered in our schools.
    Driving a motor vehicle is not a part of your education here and one is not allowed to drive till age 20. (It is very, very rare here if you find anyone below that age operating a motor vehicle.)

    Many years ago, I was impressed while viewing a football game being played by two top rival American universities (USC vs. Notre Dame) and during half time they panned to the university library. On that Saturday afternoon were about 30 Asian students hard at study. When the sports interviewer asked one Asian student – “Why wasn’t he at the football game?” his response was, “What football game?” After 22 years here in Europe … I totally understand that student’s response.

    Here in Europe when a student fails 40% of his grade level he is automatically held back a full year and must repeat that level to precede – no exceptions. It’s not uncommon for many non-serious students to finish school at age 20 or even older. After a year (or two) being held back a level … it’s amazing how dramatically serious a student gets about his studies here. Education is real serious business here and they take no prisoners and drop-out rates are extremely low.

    Someone has to be living in a state of denial to really believe that a great many of your top paying and top job positions in the US are actually going to a foreign born work force recruited from abroad.


    Russia and China have both landed rovers on the moon.


    ^^^ Ignore the troll.


    I’m not sure how this is trolling, Russia has had many successful unmanned missions to the moon, and China had one within the last year.


    Lest we forget that they only made it to the moon with the assistance of nazi rocket scientists and Canadian aerospace engineers who had worked on the Avro Arrow project before it was cancelled under political pressure from the US government.

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