Algea car

Algea car.jpg

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    Common occurrence here in Florida. At least the paint is new enough that it isn’t also getting the growth. My 15 year old Marquis, brown at that, certainly had paint that had seen better days and was almost as badly covered in algae, while the half vinyl roof was still brown. It took a good washing to get it off the car.


    I’m curious.

    Someone could please explain me what exactly is this ? My english is very poor and I never see this word before “Algea”, and my good friend that helps me with translations ( Google Translator ) do not had any clue to this.

    To me, it looks like some kind of fungus. It’s realy this ?¿

    Dyon 86

    Algea is a form of hallucinogenic micro mushroom which favor moist conditions and grown esp in Florida by hardcore drug users, when planted on a cars soft top roof, the root system penetrates the covering and grows towards the next moist area – normally the drivers brain, which it will then invade and quickly convince the driver via it’s mind alternating substances, that he is having a great time driving around, swimming, going to nightclubs, dancing with beautiful people, surfing the web and having conversations with interesting people while the whole time the “victim” is actually sitting drooling in their… Read more »