secure a self raeping child

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    So that’s why the Jews crucified him? He was masturbating too much?


    No. He was undermining their comfy power structure.


    No. They never actually did. He was preaching sedition, so the authorities (Romans) crucified him. However it was the Romans who could have wiped out the early church, so a different scapegoat was needed.


    Actually the “church” didn’t exist until around 300 AD and was created BY the Roman emperor himself. Read a book!


    First off I really hope that picture is a shop. Otherwise that particular sect is as fucked up as Islam. That being said, @WistfulD, you fail at history. The Jewish religious leaders had a big problem with Jesus as he was taking away from their power over the people by preaching the freedom of god as opposed to their control by their stringent rules. The Jews used the Romans in the form of Pontious Pilot (the ruling Roman in the area, think of him like a governor) to dispose of Jesus without getting their hands dirty. The Jewish leaders went… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    Well said Sir, but did you mean to say that Wistfuld failed at “fiction”?


    How we got to that from this post I don’t know, but before we start running around resurrecting death camps you should know that that view of history as been refuted by just about every organized religion. “Repudiation[edit] As a part of Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Paul VI issued the declaration Nostra Aetate (“In Our Time”), which in part repudiated the traditional belief in the collective Jewish guilt for the Crucifixion.[1] Nostra Aetate stated that, even though some Jewish authorities and those who followed them called for Jesus’ death, the blame for this cannot… Read more »


    Speaking of Jesus, Jesus that post got shredded!

    This was out of place:

    I’d love to see a citation for that view, here is wikipedia on the subject:



    I wasnt attacking modern Jews for what their ancestors did. That would be like calling a german kid born in 2014 a nazi because his great grandfather was.

    My point was the Jews back on Nissan 14th (Jewish Calendar) are the ones who used the Romans to kill Jesus. I don’t have any problems with modern Jews. They didn’t do it.


    I don’t get how this is supposed to work. Doesn’t this just make it easier for a priest to jerk-off on him?


    Known fake.