assault gun

Assault weapons

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    Wrong. Assault rifles are, at the very least, full-auto or select fire.

    The problem with this definition (at least for people who find guns scary and icky) is that this kind of gun has already been all but illegal to own since the 1930s, and calling for bans on “assault-ish”, “assault-esque” or “assaulty-looking” guns sounds… just not very dramatic. So they get a little creative with (i.e. blatantly lie about) the definitions.

    tiki god

    agreed, just look at the source: “Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act”.

    more than 10 rounds makes it an assault weapon? fuck.


    “…and Law Enforcement Protection…” ?!?

    Don’t they already have state and federal ‘assault on a peace officer’ laws, pistols, shotguns, automatic carbines, high powered sniper rifles, body armor, riot gear, armored personnel carriers, and MRAPs for protection?


    Maybe the law should be in order to own and carry a gun, you have to have served in the military. Then you’re allowed any kind of gun you want, and as many as you want, anywhere you want.


    So two classes of citizens. One entitled to carry firearms and defend themselves and the other prohibited from utilizing firearms to defend themselves. That’s just wrong and I would be entitled to as many as I want by your criteria.


    Arm only the people with PTSD. Great idea!

    tiki god

    you should read some Heinlin some time. Only military vetrens are “true” citizens? to vote you have to serve?