Robopocalypse + Hyundai = Terror in the Streets?


Just finished this last night, it was both terrifying and interesting, with tales of automated computers and robots rising up against humanity and our epic struggle against the mind of a super computer. It used our military robots and automated driving machines to run us down, both figuratively and literally, with packs or roving cars hunting suburbia looking for stray humans to grind into the asphault under their rubbery robotic heel tires.

Then today, Hyundai releases this, which is both pretty cool and terrifying:

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    The novel after that “Amped” also fits that description; but its not quite so good, especially action-wise.

    tiki god

    I’m sure you knew this, but Amped isn’t a sequel to Robopocalypse, just written by the same author.


    The Hyundai ad is interesting.
    But that kind of engineering and tech has been available for decades.

    tiki god

    *citation required.


    I can’t find the citation, but I’ve seen it.
    My brother in law is an engineer who’s specialty is optical recognition….and he was part of a team that did something very similar as part of his masters thesis project in the early 90s.
    On smaller electric carts without the stunt drivers.
    But they did have the ability to recognize and stay on a roadway and to actively avoid moving obstacles using situation dependent strategies.
    He helped design the optical system used on the ISS space-arm…but don’t ask him what he thinks about NASA.

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