Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot launches anti-marijuana campaign

This is very disturbing, especially with the success of legalization that Colorado has had. It’s only been six months (not the three years mentioned in the video) and from the stats that were recently reported they’re doing pretty well.


so let’s see what Sheriff Judd and  Calvina Fay are wrong about:

They also seem to have significant trouble with the distinction between causation and correlation.  Sheriff Judd mentions that they arrested a guy with a gun, drugs, drugs and more drugs, and one of the drugs was weed.  So a bad guy had drugs on him?  Is that the weed’s fault or is that the bad guy’s fault? That would be correlation, not causation.

Karen Bailey was paraded up to talk about her kid that overdosed on “more dangerous drugs”, blaming the well defeated idea that weed is a gateway drug.  Never mind that Florida is one of the pill capitols of the country, they’re laying the blame solely on weed for his death.

Addictive weed? The Mayo Clinic says no, not really.  psychological addictive, maybe, but no indication that it’s physically addictive. Regardless of who potent it is.

Let me be clear, the bill they’re talking about is a half step.  I don’t want legalization for medical purposes, I want legalization for recreational purposes.  I’ve been high before (it’s been a very long time, college) and I’ve been drunk (many time.  just a few days ago, and usually every few days still) and weed is the less destructive of the two.

If you make it all the way to the end there’s a hilarious Q&A section for the last 5 minutes filled with FUD using so many scarecrow arguments it’s shocking this guy’s been in office for as long as he has, though with the amount of controversy he’s had with his department, maybe it shouldn’t be a shock that he’s on the wrong side of this argument?

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    to be fair it’s florida after all
    …not the smartest state

    tiki god


    pot’s not going to help that reputation at all is it, lol