how a tape works

how a tape works.gif

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    Oh god I had one of these! Back to 1990 I go!!!!!!


    See, every time I post 3 automatic downvotes. Hurr durr durr-hurr DERP!!! … … gropey!!!


    Not from me.
    Hurrr duuurrr derp….
    But go ahead….downvote this Stonely.
    You know you want to.
    You just downvoted ever other post I made today….

    Just how big is your dataplan anyway…?
    Shine on diamondboy!
    😉 😉 😉



    Seriously Stone.
    I stopped downvoting you months ago.
    I could care less what kind of shit you write.
    If you’re getting down votes, I suspect its because other folks around here think you’re an asshole.

    But we both know you are so butt-hurt, not only can’t you leave me alone, you use up your data plan to multiple down vote every single post I make.
    How sore is your ass that you’ve spent months stalking me…?
    Go find something more productive to do….


    The took er jerbs