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    Because an unstable food market where farming isn’t enough to put food on a farmer’s table is a good thing.

    /maintaining a stable food supply is part of the government’s job
    //deal with it


    Why was this downvoted?


    I don’t know why anyone would expect a special exemption for personally consumed wheat. If there’s a reason to eliminate wheat, there’s a reason to eliminate wheat. Now as to why we would be eliminating wheat, that’s a different issue.

    tiki god

    they destroy it to stabilize the market.

    but if the wheat is never going to make it to the market, why take the time to destroy it?


    So that the producers also have to buy wheat.


    They get paid for it.


    Farming in the USA is already heavily subsidized in order to keep prices down and stabilize the market. So what’s the real difference if they burn it or if they buy it? We already produce more than we eat. (not that there aren’t people out there that would benefit from the extra food we already have. We just don’t let them have it in the first place.)


    UE has limits on produced food too, so not a shocker.