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What did you think is the most resistant material in the universe :

1 – Captain America’s Shield
2 – Wolverine Claws
3 – Thor Hammer
4 – Hulk’s Pants

Pick one 😉

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    1. Cap’s shield is made from Vibranium. An alien metal with anti-kinetic properties (doesn’t absorb kinetic energy, it negates any but its own).
    2. Wolvie’s claws are Adamantium…a man-made alloy created in an attempt to synthesize Vibranium.
    3. Mjollnir is made from Dwarven Steel and is also magic…Thor himself is just really strong, all of his powers are actually from the hammer.
    4. Those pants defy the laws of any known universe…and thus must be actually made of woven infinite improbability fields. But they also haven’t been washed in decades and are soaked in hulk-ball-stank.




    Only if you give it enough prep time….


    Hulk wears spandex jeggings. They’re super stretchy.


    1. Hulks pants (at least in first movies).
    2. Thor’s Hammer (he’s a god after all).
    3. Captains Shield (it got hammered, and survived).
    4. Wolverine claws (that Samurai mech, cut them off like grass, so not so indestructible).

    tiki god

    wouldn’t the claws need to come with the healing factor too? or do you mount them on something?


    At some point or another in comics all of the items have been broken except the Hulk’s pants…