Superman vs Hulk

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    This will be epic !!!

    I think Hulk wins that battle…

    tiki god

    depends on which hulk and which version of superman.

    is this the ‘gets stronger the angrier he gets hulk’ or the “all hulks in one, with more brains and less power” hulk?

    is this the superman that can move mountains with his mind?


    Ok. You had a nice point. But I’m still with Hulk. I think he can take superman’s head of. Probably it will not work on Wolverine because of health factor, but with any other persona without this health factor, Hulk just smash some heads and it’s done. End of history!

    tiki god

    just remember that hulk doesn’t really have effective long distance stuff. Supes can shoot lasers from his eyes from orbit, or can drop astroids down on the hulk till the cows come home.

    I’d bet that the gamma radiation would play havok with superman if he got in range though.


    There are so many ways Superman could win this battle. He could basically do it with every power but his super hearing ffs.


    Ok, you both had good points. But i’m still with Hulk. Just wonder if He can manage to grab super and fart in his face, at least will be really funny 😉

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