USS Missouri

USS Missouri.jpg

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    That would have been great to have 70 YEARS AGO.


    69 years after still hard to kill and an awesome shore bombardment platform. These were designed to slug it out with mammoth Japanese battleships like the Yamato. The chinese navy have been playing chicken with other country vessels operating in international waters. This would be a good hull to teach them caution if not courtesy.


    If any of you live in Southern California another Iowa class Ship is docked in San Pedro. It is The USS Iowa. If you have an afternoon where you are looking to do something interesting go check it out. You can roam around and check everything out. Really incredible. I was personally REALLY surprised by how low to the water these things sit. Impressive as all hell.

    tiki god

    I’ve been on a few of these on the East coast, and they’re pretty boring when they’re all docked and quiet. I’d love to see what it would be like to be on one underway, or to hear it firing like this. I would imagine that no matter where you are on the boat

    1 – you’ll need hearing protection
    2 – the hearing protection isn’t going to do jack shit


    as a former tank crewman, I can tell you with just the 105 and later 120mm tank cannons I had the pleasure to shoot, those 16″ rifles would be absolutely mind-numbing…the concussive force from those guns would probably turn you to jelly if you were near the turrets I think.


    My new background.

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