nathan is unique

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    If “unique” means “a goddamn fruit”.


    Fruit? Looks like a duck taco to me.


    Looks like I upset the resident fruits on MCS.

    tiki god

    we take our fruits seriously around here.


    It would appear to only be one fruit doing this. I guess I said something they disagreed with once and now they spend all their spare time voting me down along with everyone else they disagree with. Shine on you crazy diamond!


    Interesting point Stonely.
    I wonder if anyone else does that….?


    I guess bitching over the voting is a sure fire way to get folks to vote you down….
    Just so you know….I don’t vote your posts at all.
    But keep shining on you crazy diamond…
    (or should I post a butt-hurt meme….?)


    Hey…’re right Stonely.
    Some little butt-hurt just down-thumbed every comment I’ve made today.
    What kind of crazy diamond would do such a thing….?
    Shine on, buddy.


    im just shocked hes single.


    I thought so too, but look closer – that’s a whole wheat taco shell.


    Interesting that the second comment here got twice as many votes as the first comment. That’s called a suspicious discrepancy. The number of votes for ralphs non controversial comment are equal to the up and down votes for the controversial comments in the previous section. Care to comment, ralph?


    Ralph made a witty comment.
    You spouted homophobic nonsense Stonely.

    I think that pretty much explains it.
    (or do you want me to post a butt-hurt or retarded child meme as a response…?)


    So what you’re trying to say…is that it doesn’t matter who is first…but how funny you are? … … …intriguing!


    I know….weird, huh?

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