RIP Rik Mayall

rick.jpg (126 KB)

“Dear darling fascist bully boy…”

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    tiki god

    Hadn’t heard of this guy before he died, looks like he had some talent, no?


    You never watched BlackAdder…?
    Mayall stole the show every time he swaggered on.
    Which takes talent, when you’re stealing the show from Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie….

    tiki god

    Never did, no. In fact, I’m not even sure what it was? a variety show?

    is it on netflix? looks like it is. to the queue!

    also, never got past the name, looks like a snake’s name.


    It’s a British comedy….with a sense of humor similar to Red Dwarf or Monty Python. Goofy as hell. The cool thing was that it followed the same characters (more or less) but each successive season skipped forward a few hundred years. The first season is medieval, then Elizabethan, then Regency, then WWI. The first season is OK….but the last 3 are some of the funniest TV I’ve ever seen. I was in New Zealand when the 4th season came out….and there were practically riots when they announced they would edit 8 minutes out for commercials. Instead, they decided to air… Read more »